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Topic subjectI need to get back to this.
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136137, I need to get back to this.
Posted by hype_phb, Sat Dec-31-05 11:50 PM
Stepping out for a New Years' party, but I've got some ideas on this. I'll be back.

>Y'all got me thinking about the definition of a superhero.
>At first I was thinking that Neo fit the bill. Of course to
>be a superhero, you need to be able to be compared to people
>who are essentially "normal" and since the point of the Mtrix
>was to expose that everything that we thought of as "normal"
>was indeed an illusion, then yes, this is a slippery slope.
>However, it does seem that Neo is exceptional even in the
>"real world" where "normal" people are being trained to do
>SUPER things by manipulating the cyber-reality of the matrix.
>Neo, it seems, can do his amazing feats even in the real
>world, thus setting him apart from his fellow humans. So in
>the end, he is kind of a super hero.
>Another slippery slope is the world of fantasy. It can be
>said that the world of superheros is fantasy as well, but
>fantasy as a genre could overlap with the idea of the
>superhero, especially when you start talking about magic. I'm
>thinking specifically here whether Harry Potter can be
>considered a kind of superhero, since he is set apart from
>"normal" human beings, even if he is just a regular ol wizard.
> I guess within the wizard world, he is a HERO but since
>everyone of that world is magically-inclined, he doesn't
>"completely" stand apart, even if his did survive Voldemort
>when noone else could.
>I dunno about this. WHat do you all think?