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Topic subjectNEO and other oddities
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135732, NEO and other oddities
Posted by el_rey, Fri Dec-30-05 03:49 PM
Y'all got me thinking about the definition of a superhero. At first I was thinking that Neo fit the bill. Of course to be a superhero, you need to be able to be compared to people who are essentially "normal" and since the point of the Mtrix was to expose that everything that we thought of as "normal" was indeed an illusion, then yes, this is a slippery slope.

However, it does seem that Neo is exceptional even in the "real world" where "normal" people are being trained to do SUPER things by manipulating the cyber-reality of the matrix. Neo, it seems, can do his amazing feats even in the real world, thus setting him apart from his fellow humans. So in the end, he is kind of a super hero.

Another slippery slope is the world of fantasy. It can be said that the world of superheros is fantasy as well, but fantasy as a genre could overlap with the idea of the superhero, especially when you start talking about magic. I'm thinking specifically here whether Harry Potter can be considered a kind of superhero, since he is set apart from "normal" human beings, even if he is just a regular ol wizard. I guess within the wizard world, he is a HERO but since everyone of that world is magically-inclined, he doesn't "completely" stand apart, even if his did survive Voldemort when noone else could.

I dunno about this. WHat do you all think?