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135658, Good points
Posted by McDeezNuts, Fri Dec-30-05 01:46 PM
I do need to see Batman Begins again, I had forgotten that the Waynes were killed after leaving the play early because of Bruce.

I kinda liked that it was the Joker who killed the Waynes. But I didn't see it as a revenge story because Batman didn't find out it was the Joker who did it until near the end when he heard the Joker use that "dance with the devil" line. He became Batman without really having the intention of catching that same dude who killed his folks.

I guess the random thug and violent environment theme was pretty cool. I hadn't remembered it that well.

>What about Batman isn't extreme though? The dude dresses like
>a rodent and lives in a cave. I liked the training because it
>really illustrated his obsession. The dude is a nut.