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Topic subjectRE: origin in Burton's Batman was simpler & more psychological
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135637, RE: origin in Burton's Batman was simpler & more psychological
Posted by buckshot defunct, Fri Dec-30-05 11:47 AM
>IIRC, it didn't deal with him developing the suit or with his
>training, but it dealt more with the psychological aspects of
>seeing his parents murdered, and then later we find out that
>it was the Joker who did it (before becoming Joker of course).

The Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins saw his parents get murdered too, though. On top of that, they got murdered for being in an alley because Bruce was too scared to sit thru the play. Do that's a guilt trip double whammy right there.

And I hated how Burton had Joker kill Batman's parents. Not just because "that's not how it happened in the comic books," but it tied everything up a little too neatly. I mean, if that's supposed to be the driving force behing Batman, then shouldn't he hang up his tights once The Joker is defeated? It's a simple Point A to Point B revenge tale.

Batman Begins, on the other hand, didn't make things so nice and neat for Bruce Wayne. His parents were killed by some random thug who may or may not have been a victim of his own environment. So he doesn't just have one set person to focus his anger on. He's gotta take it out on Gotham.

>The Batman Begins origin was cool, but it was a bit much for
>me - the whole idea of getting wrongfully imprisoned to learn
>more about criminals, and training with a group of murderous
>ninjas. I know Batman has that kind of training, but to be
>honest, it seemed a little cheesy.

What about Batman isn't extreme though? The dude dresses like a rodent and lives in a cave. I liked the training because it really illustrated his obsession. The dude is a nut.