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Topic subjectWhat bout BLANKMAN!!!
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135517, What bout BLANKMAN!!!
Posted by brotherman, Fri Dec-30-05 01:17 AM

Jus wanted to get yallz attention. muahahaa
On the real though not in any order though:
1) Batman Mask of the Phantasm
2) Spiderman 2
3) Batman (1989)/ties wit Batman Begins
4) X2: XMEN United
5) Superman

I dont know what it is, but even though Batman(1989) had its flaws in story n all, it just never ceases to amaze me. I must know know like all the lines in that damn movie, especially ones ole Jack had. Oh and it suffered from that too, the fact that it was a bit more into the Joker than Batman, so to the person who said that thjey liked the origin from this one better than Batman Begins, umm...dude thjere wasnt much a an origin to BEGIN with?!?!!! hah

Anyway, this was tough to put together, but I know how ther has been flaws in a few of these movies, they still came across as "worthwhile" entertainment to me, and at the end of the day, thats basically what counts. And I was never a HUGE comic book fan/collector of any one single comic book or 2 or more, but several I have collected very sporadically though, and I havent bought a new one since like college, 4 years ago! lol

Any ANYway, yes superman had a nice origin sequence and STILL provided enough action to please...me. heh Now who ever is all on part 3 must also be on that stuff, hey CRACK KILLZ! hahaha psyche naw Richard pryor, as funny as he was (RIP) even HE couldnt save that movie, only other reason worth seeing it is to see the Bad-Superman vs Clark Kent as Good-Superman duel. Seeing him do his "bad deeds" is really a laugh out loud riot, but the rest of the movie?!?! WTF?! Superman IV was better than 3 IMHO. I mean it pits Supe against another Super being, aided from that of Lex Luthor of course, one of the best Super Villians I might add.

Um...other honorable mentions...Blade 1 and 2. They are very different in mood and stylings, but effective entertainment. 1 is better cause of the style and cinematography in the beginning was awesome, it jus got tedious with all the "Vampire God" gobbldy-gook. Spiderman 1 was good, though Green Goblins character was kinda ehh, but it wasnt ALL bad, just couldda been better. Ummm...havent seen Hellboy yet or Sin City, Im most definitely looking forward to them though esp the latter. Wish Spawn couldda been more developped and not feel...disposable? rushed??, it wouldda rocked...