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Topic subjectI don't really see the Crow as a superhero, tho-
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135316, I don't really see the Crow as a superhero, tho-
Posted by hype_phb, Thu Dec-29-05 01:53 PM
Tragic figure with supernatural powers, yeah, but I think it's a stretch to lump him into a standard "superhero" category. That's why I brought up Road to Perdition and Am. Splendor; I would group those three movies under a "comics" banner, rather than fitting ANY of them into a superhero mold.

If you're looking at Neo, you might as well throw Luke Skywalker in there as well, and it really becomes a slippery slope. By that rationale, what action movie revolving around a central character ISN'T a superhero flick? You'd be hard pressed to say that, say, Total Recall is a superhero movie, but really, why not? Lack of superpowers? Didn't stop Batman or the Punisher. Not helping others? Neither did the Crow....

>You could make an argument that Neo from The Matrix fits the
>superhero archetype.

Now this would be an interesting spinoff post; what constitutes a superhero?

>Plus, The Matrix was allegedly lifted from Grant Morrison's comic book series The >Invisibles. So, you know, double whammy.

Wow, I was a huge fan of the Invisibles (King Mob WHAT) back when I 1st started reading comics, and I have to say, I don't really see this at all. They share the standard "real world is a fake controlled by evil outside forces" but that's about all. It's been awhile tho, so it's entirely possible I'm forgetting something...