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Topic subjecthere's my list
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135289, here's my list
Posted by jahlove7, Thu Dec-29-05 12:49 PM
1) the incredibles
2) blade/blade II
3) hellboy
4) spider-man 2
5) superman

honorable mention: the punisher: a underrated flick. just not good enough to bump superman off the list. daredevil: would've been a really good flick had someone else other than afleck had gotten the part. not that he was bad, dd was one of his best acting roles, but ben didn't get himself in top condition for the role. and jennifer garner? please...

with that said, x-man and x2 are two of the worst marvel flicks ever made. they've completely changed the characters thru time, which fucked everything slam up. plus, a lot of people don't measure up for the role. the cat playing magneto is far too old (considering magneto and xavier are roughly the same age) and halle is NOT storm both physically nor as an actress. (storm is 6-ft, statuesque and very brown-skinned)

the first spider-man was too hoaky and too embellished. (the green goblin NEVER went toe to toe with spidey after their first encounter...he didn't have that kind of power physically and he knew it...i know, i have the comic books from back in the day) but they got better with the second one.