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135150, RE: Your top 5 superhero movies
Posted by Cork, Wed Dec-28-05 08:42 PM

In somewhat relevant order:

The Incredibles
Spider-man 2

Incredibles was just an all-out amazing achievement. A movie that was successful on every level. This is a little tangent but, a movie that I saw recenlty that gave me the same "feel great" enthusiasm about seeing it, a feeling I instantly recognized as not having since I first saw Incredibles, was Curse of the Were-Rabbit.

Spidey 2 just felt like THAT was comic-book movie should be like. I remember seeing it and Incredibles within a week of each other and wondering aloud if a movie only needed to have a super hero rescue people from an elevated subway disaster to be successful.

I said it elsewhere, HULK was a great film. A fucking GREAT film that I will stand alone, all by my lonesome, and champion.

Unbreakable was a great idea, perfectly executed. They should make a sequel and hav eit be an unabashed mindless action flick.

X2 is the weakest of the 5 but is the quintessential personification of "mindless action flick" for those of us who dwell in the Android's Dungeon. Doesn't hurt to cast Patrick Stuart, Brian Cox as the heavy, Ian McKellan as the dog heavy, Big Gay Alan Cummings as Nightcrawler, and to let loose the admantium in the Logan/Lady Deathstrike catfight.

Those are my top 5, with X2 being easily replaceable should the mood strike, but my worst offenders have GOT TO BE:

Daredevil & The Punisher

These two comics were my 1-2 Marvel punch from about 1988-1994. I scoped every issue of both for 5 strainght years, and argued these two against all comers ad nauseum. What I loved was that they HAD NO powers. Frank Castle was just righteous retribution and Matt Murdock was simply fearless and unfuckwittable. I swear when I heard movies were coming out about those two, I think I came like a little bit. I wasn't happy about it, but there it is.

But then they went and made the two most offecious super-hero movies ever. And I don't even hate Bennifer Affleck like that. Thomas Jane, maybe, but Benster...he's cool with me. I just get angered that those two flop-olas effectively KILLED any franchise hopes for my fave characters. Even though Elektra got made somehow. I'm now too distressed to even discuss it. Fuckers.

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