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Topic subjectRE: top 7 superhero movies
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135079, RE: top 7 superhero movies
Posted by buckshot defunct, Wed Dec-28-05 05:00 PM
>I'm a huge Marvel fan so the Spiderman and XMen movies finish
>at the top. This is a rare case of the sequal being better in
>both franchises, mainly because the Goblin was cheesy in
>Spiderman 1, even though I loved seeing Peter develop his

The first half of Spider-Man is like...perfection. I love those origin sequences. But then Green Goblin comes along and just fucks up the flow.

>Superman 2 is a cool movie and I didn't want to leave it off.

People are sleeping on Superman 3!!!!

>PS I don't count Sin City as a superhero movie

Nor do I.

> Similarly, I loved the Blade movies, but they're
>so different that it's hard to include them. And if we're
>including Blade, we should throw The Crow in the mix too...
>But I think they're too dark and bloody to be in the same mix
>with Spiderman, X-Men, Batman, Superman, etc.

I never saw The Crow (though I do hold a grudge against it for being responsible for Hot Topic stores and mall goths worldwide) But once you get into that territory you gotta start considering stuff like The Matrix and what not. It's a slippery slope. But in my mind Unbreakable still fits pretty nicely into the category.

>Incredible was cute but can't compete.

I beg to differ. But do you.