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Topic subjectI have no illusions... 99% of superhero movies suck
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135061, I have no illusions... 99% of superhero movies suck
Posted by buckshot defunct, Wed Dec-28-05 04:06 PM
And it's difficult to come up with 5 that I'd classify as "good"

The vast majority manage to worm their way into my heart based on nostalgia value, or just the "Oh Shit!" factor of seeing my favorite comic book stories "come to life" so to speak.

It's not hard to list a Top 5. But are those movies "good"? Not so much.

Look at Superman. Love, love, loved this movie as a child. But save for the soundtrack and the fact that Christopher Reeves completely KILLS it as Clark AND Superman (Yes, they are 2 different characters) the movie kind of blows.

So my favorite superhero movie is about a family of superheroes who didn't originate in comic books (The Incredibles) and my favorite comic book film adaptation isn't based on a superhero comic (American Splendor)

As far as a super hero comic book adaptation movie really capturing that comic book feel, Spiderman 2 wears that crown. For now.