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Topic subjectthis writer made up his mind b4 he saw the film
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136803, this writer made up his mind b4 he saw the film
Posted by Eusebio, Tue Jan-03-06 03:06 PM

and watched it ready to pounce anywhere he could twisting and misinterpreting anywhere he could.

looking at the palestinian targets who are supposedly shown as "fully rounded human beings", as some of them are shown in their jobs or pastimes (like translating literature) they are not depicted any less guilty or deserving of retaliation. the diplomat is shown as a sneaky hypocrite. he mentions the palestinian cause and says that he doesn't support violence even though we know he was involved in munich. we watch as they almost make the mistake of killing his daughter and everyone is relieved when she is spared and he is blown up.

as u said b4, longo, we see part of the massacre from the very beginning of the film. they're shown throughout as a constant reminder, not as the writer says, to make it look like the munich attacks were a response to bana and his crew.

overall i don't think the film gave that much credit to the palestinian cause...