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135382, yep
Posted by colonelk, Thu Dec-29-05 05:30 PM
He does drop it in his own lunch.

And that's what I meant by the pool scene. These two guys (Craig and Bana) by this point have killed dozens of people. They are at this location where everybody is a known PLO operative. They are forced to shoot this younger guy, though the kid has an AK.

For some reason, as the kid falls dead into the pool (in an overly look-how-pretty-this-is shot) the two stand up and gawk at him with looks of terrible remorse on their faces, thus exposing themselves to the gunfire of a hundred plus PLO guys.

For the record, yes, I realize this was the kid that Bana stopped the Shin Bet commando from shooting in Beirut. But it still isn't really justified that they stand up from their cover and sorrowfully stare at this (to them) relatively inconsequential killing).

AND, these guys who have carefully planned every killing thus far, have no escape route. They have no car waiting, nothing. Is this what they planned to do, shoot Salameh and then just run like hell?

Also, in case my comments above imply sympathy with Bana, et al, I am merely speaking in regards to the psychology of their characters.