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134492, RE: thumbs sideways (spoilers)
Posted by jigga, Tue Dec-27-05 01:19 PM
>solid, but very repetetive and way too long. and spielberg
>seems to give the audience no credit. the last half hour was
>really not necessary, except for the dumb i guess. and it got
>way too spielbergish at times (al green, the toy robot).

Toy robot?

>but the dense moral ambiguity was successfully imparted
>(before i was beat over the head with it) and the film
>illustrates well the parrallel of the mossad agents' plight to
>that of the counterinsurgency in iraq, just how the agents'
>and soldiers' morals and morale are constantly eroded.
>that sex/hostage killing scene at the end was _laughable_,
>though. the idea wasn't bad, but the execution was miserable.
>lastly, those are some of the most inept secret agents ever
>portrayed on film. balling, though.

I wish the movie would've focused on their specialties a little more. Besides the guy who made bombs, Ciran Hinds didnt get 2 do much "cleaning", Daniel Craig seemed more like just a guy who decided 2 drive instead of a getaway driver. And I think they showed the other guy making 1 badge or something. Even w/ its faults tho I still loved the movie & it was certainly 1 of the best I saw this year.