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Topic subjecti dunno what to think
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134408, i dunno what to think
Posted by HighVoltage, Tue Dec-27-05 01:26 AM
i havent seen it yet, and i want to see it.

but i think this film is an example of one of the problems of cinema that recreates real stories with fiction.

the facts are that yes, he did kill these men in revenge, however, that is all that is known. all the story in the film about how the targets were tracked down and how they were killed is completely fictional because the truth to these remains unknown.

the assasin also did not sign off on the film saying that it was not an accurate representation of his feelings.

so my problem is that the audience who sees this movie wont know the true story. they believe they will have just got a history lesson, despite the fact that the majority of the film is fiction, somewhat inacurate and loosely based on actual events.