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Topic subjectthumbs sideways (spoilers)
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134254, thumbs sideways (spoilers)
Posted by dj_whatzisname, Mon Dec-26-05 05:41 AM
solid, but very repetetive and way too long. and spielberg seems to give the audience no credit. the last half hour was really not necessary, except for the dumb i guess. and it got way too spielbergish at times (al green, the toy robot).

but the dense moral ambiguity was successfully imparted (before i was beat over the head with it) and the film illustrates well the parrallel of the mossad agents' plight to that of the counterinsurgency in iraq, just how the agents' and soldiers' morals and morale are constantly eroded.

that sex/hostage killing scene at the end was _laughable_, though. the idea wasn't bad, but the execution was miserable.

lastly, those are some of the most inept secret agents ever portrayed on film. balling, though.