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Topic subjecti'd like to see an ape thriller:
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134036, i'd like to see an ape thriller:
Posted by Mosaic, Sat Dec-24-05 04:33 PM
We all have secrets.

High-powered corporate officer Clyde D. Orangutan has his.

When Orangutan suddenly rips the arm off an account executive during a meeting, runs away screeching, and disappears never to be seen again, his friends and co-workers get suspicious. Could it be that the good humored man they all knew and loved wasn't who they assumed he was?

Rachel McAdams and Clayton Watson star as Ashley McSipple and Cobb Dursal, two temp workers who take it upon themselves to peel away the intricate layers of the fragile facade forged by Clyde D. Orangutan. Few clues are offered when McSipple and Durshal interview his closest friends, golf buddies, and wife & two kids. A man of few words, Orangutan's carefully crafted wall of affability and charisma witholds the truth.

That is until a cryptic phone call traced back to the World Wildlife Fund is received, prompting a look at the company's charitable contributions list and payroll - Just how far up does this secret go?

M. Night Shyamalan's