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132184, Take that back!
Posted by SoulHonky, Sun Dec-18-05 08:11 PM
I write reality shows. And making a chimp write it would be cruelty to animals. If you can't stand reality, imagine having to sift through the boring/annoying footage to find the more watchable stuff.

My first reaction when I saw the post title was to say that it is hard to write a good romantic-comedy. But then I saw the trailer and thought, wow that was a special one. It seemed like there was a voiceover track missing. The second worst trailer since the random Dirty Love clip that was tossed around like a pseudo-trailer. Still, this does smack of the Hollywood Insider's Club. The writer (Susannah Grant) has done Party of Five, Pocahontas, Ever After, and Erin Brockovich so she has at least two or three bombs that she can drop before people stop buying her scripts. Check that, she'll probably still sell them but they'll never get made.

And is it me or does it look like Juliette Lewis just stumbled onto the set and wasn't really acting in those scenes.