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Topic subjectRE: It's non-stop from you, though.
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132176, RE: It's non-stop from you, though.
Posted by bignick, Sun Dec-18-05 08:00 PM
>Granted, I feel like you give props where props are due...but
>does it help you to achieve what you desire by criticizing
>shit that is obviously wack?

who said i was posting on an internet message board to help me achieve what i desire? i know exactly what i want to do, and exactly what i have to do to get there. trust me, ripping on this shitty movie and poking a little fun at a dangerously moribund genre isn't going to prevent me from accomplishing my career goals.

currently on this board are the following posts:

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i'll assume you're on your way to tell Frank & PlanetInfinite how they're mirthless too?

>It's like picking on the

it's absolutely nothing like picking on the handicapped. what it is like, and all it is, is poking fun at a movie that looks like it will be really bad.