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Topic subjectthey're "away from the things of man"
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133572, they're "away from the things of man"
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Thu Dec-22-05 07:23 PM
>The ending- So growing their hair out long and reading books
>in the middle of nowhere suddenly cures the pre-cogs of their

their precog power is limited by range, which is why they only picked up murders in DC and not NY or LA. So if they're out on an island in the middle of nowhere they won't sense anymore precog murders and will be left in peace.

>And why does the system have to be perfect? Since when has
>anyboy ever had the idea that the justice system is even close
>to being perfect? I'd have to imagine that in 50 years the
>justice system will be just as fucked up as ever. Since when
>is the system being absolutely flawless absolutely necessary?

But everybody WANTS it to be perfect. That's the point: what price are we willing to pay for a "perfect" system?