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Topic subjectRE: I take back what I said about 'Minority Report'
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133547, RE: I take back what I said about 'Minority Report'
Posted by jigga, Thu Dec-22-05 05:28 PM
>Just watched Minority Report again, and here are some
>The ending- So growing their hair out long and reading books
>in the middle of nowhere suddenly cures the pre-cogs of their
>nightmares? The little soliloquy from Agatha allows Tom Cruise
>and his wife to have another baby, when 6 years of mourning
>wasn't enough for him to get over it? And... Tom Cruise's role
>is the cop, not his wife? No? How does she so easily get into
>the prison?

"It's in the eyes chico. They never lie"

>And why does the system have to be perfect? Since when has
>anyboy ever had the idea that the justice system is even close
>to being perfect? I'd have to imagine that in 50 years the
>justice system will be just as fucked up as ever. Since when
>is the system being absolutely flawless absolutely necessary?
>Just prevent the murders on the visions that didn't match
>(unless they were alll murders by Lamar, I might've missed
>that) and stop the rest on the visions that match. And also...
>couldn't they put up a system where they just stop the murders
>and let the people go on a yellow card red card basis? I mean,
>they're stopping the murders anyway, and if it's a passion of
>crime, I doubt they're gonna do it again anyway. And if they
>do, just stop they asses again and put them away then.
>And also, it's limited to the District of Columbia in what
>way? In terms of location? Cuz that's what it seemed like from
>the beginning scene, and how familiar the cops were with the
>city. Or is it the people? Cuz if it's location... First of
>all, just murder agatha's mom out of city limits.
>And I really liked this movie when I first saw it. The ending
>just got me mad. Madder than the ending of SWAT.

As if the rest of the movie was flawless up until the plane landed on the bridge?