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Topic subjectRE: I take back what I said about 'Minority Report'
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133458, RE: I take back what I said about 'Minority Report'
Posted by queenisisdivine, Thu Dec-22-05 12:27 PM
I don't see how anyone would sleep on that movie. It was very decent IMO.

>Just got through my second viewing.
>Definately a B-/B film and not a C-/C film as I had it rated
>See, I's an open minded original man, god.
>I can change my views of shit. I said I'd give it another
>chance, and yeah, it proved to be a bit better than my first
>viewing. Me no close-mind-o.
>Maybe it was just the "Cruise Factor" as Big Reg or someone
>said...his presence tends to remove a star from movies off
>top. No hating, but he's just that annoying.
>It still wasn't great though. It had that "inside job" hook to
>it, but it wasn't as good as 'Gattaca' in that
>regard....'Gattaca' had a more interesting hook and re-visited
>the broader philosophical implications better....in Gattaca,
>the crime was more about the bigger issue of
>nature/nuture....in 'Minority Report' the cause/effect issue
>all led up to the crime....yeah...let me phrase that better:
>In 'Gattaca', the murder mystery fed the greater philosophical
>In 'Minority Report' the philosophical point fed the murder
>I think the former is doper and more important because the
>murder mystery was mastered half a century ago and we don't
>need no mo cute murder mysteries. What we might need is a
>murder mystery that says something interesting about humanity
>and the world.
>That is why 'Gattaca' is A/A+ and 'Minority Report' B-/B.
>'Minority Report' still had one of the great beginnings I've
>ever seen....what a fabulous beginning. The action was well
>sequenced....was paced fairly well...good acting outside of
>Tom Cruise...pretty cool concept...a nice, cool, clean
>"whodunnit" movie.
>Oh, and 'Minority Report' still ain't shit compared to 'I
>Robot', so fuck y'all. And please...I'm trying to hear you
>rationalze a statement like "Will Smith played Will Smith and
>not the character in I, Robot'" yet won't say the same thing
>about Tom Cruise in 'Minority Report'. 'Minority Report'
>protagonist was the same muffucka, exactly, that was in
>Mission:Impossible. Hell, same dude as Jerry Mcgwire for that
>matter. Like I said, that Will Smith criticism is just
>But let's stay on topic and shit. 'Minority Report' was on
>some decent shit, god.
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