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Topic subjectRE: I take back what I said about 'Minority Report'
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133433, RE: I take back what I said about 'Minority Report'
Posted by koreanthought, Thu Dec-22-05 09:48 AM
Just watched Minority Report again, and here are some thoughts...

The ending- So growing their hair out long and reading books in the middle of nowhere suddenly cures the pre-cogs of their nightmares? The little soliloquy from Agatha allows Tom Cruise and his wife to have another baby, when 6 years of mourning wasn't enough for him to get over it? And... Tom Cruise's role is the cop, not his wife? No? How does she so easily get into the prison?

And why does the system have to be perfect? Since when has anyboy ever had the idea that the justice system is even close to being perfect? I'd have to imagine that in 50 years the justice system will be just as fucked up as ever. Since when is the system being absolutely flawless absolutely necessary? Just prevent the murders on the visions that didn't match (unless they were alll murders by Lamar, I might've missed that) and stop the rest on the visions that match. And also... couldn't they put up a system where they just stop the murders and let the people go on a yellow card red card basis? I mean, they're stopping the murders anyway, and if it's a passion of crime, I doubt they're gonna do it again anyway. And if they do, just stop they asses again and put them away then.

And also, it's limited to the District of Columbia in what way? In terms of location? Cuz that's what it seemed like from the beginning scene, and how familiar the cops were with the city. Or is it the people? Cuz if it's location... First of all, just murder agatha's mom out of city limits.

And I really liked this movie when I first saw it. The ending just got me mad. Madder than the ending of SWAT.