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Topic subjectOh no, I have no apriori hatred of Colin Farrell.
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132856, Oh no, I have no apriori hatred of Colin Farrell.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Tue Dec-20-05 03:48 PM

I have no doubt he's a talented actor.

Its just that because 'Alexander' is the cause of global warming, I can't forgive anyone who had anything to do with that film very easily. It hurt the human species and caused me personal grief. Yes it did.

>Gotta be careful w/ Colin Farrell flicks. After Minority
>Report I thought he was on his way 2 being 1 of the best young
>actors in the biz. I went back & watched Tigerland & was even
>more convinced. But 2 this day it's still his best performance
>which is upseting considering the potential he's shown.
>I thought he was great in Hart's War which is a pretty
>underated flick. Terrance Howard fans should certainly check
>it out. American Outlaws & Phone Booth are watchable tho his
>accent is terrible in the latter which was shocking
>condsidering how convincing his accent was in Tigerland.
>I enjoyed The Recruit & thought he did a pretty good job in it
>alongside Pacino. Also did a good job w/ the material he had 2
>work w/ in Daredevil. 1 of the more entertaining on screen
>comic book villians just not enough screen time. Nice cameo in
>Veronica Guerin. Should've taken on a larger part however
>insteada signing on 4 Alexander but hindsite is 20/20. SWAT
>was forgettable but he was excellent in his next 2 flicks
>Intermission & Home @ the End of the World. Only 2 follow that
>up w/ Alexander. Inconsistent as hell but when he's good he's
>still 1 of the better young actors working 2day. Not sure why
>he's so hated other than the rep for boozing & womanizing
>which I have no problem w/ since he's so honest about it. I
>havent written him off yet.


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