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Topic subjecti hated it
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132597, i hated it
Posted by ternary_star, Mon Dec-19-05 06:53 PM
special effects were great...

but they completely squandered what could have been an interesting idea - pre-determining someone's guilt *before* they commit a crime. instead they made a by-the-numbers chase/action movie.

you could've replaced the pre-cog idea with any "dude being chased" plot and it would've been the same exact movie.

and i fucking *hated* (hated, hated, HATED!) the weird, avant-garde, over-acted, out-of-place 2nd tier performances (black market eye surgeon, plant geneticist lady, pre-cog-obsessed lab guy). tom cruise was doing is patented tom cruise thing and then he's in the same scene with these cheesy b-movie-level performances. it was jarring and laughably bad.

and it was all capped-off by the standard spielbergian shitty ending...