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Topic subjectOkay. I officially don't like this movie again.
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132369, Okay. I officially don't like this movie again.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Mon Dec-19-05 09:08 AM

Thanks, you jerk. Lol.

Nah, all valid points.

They way that he carried that out was sort of retarded.

>... was what did the movie in for me. So you have the
>mother, a poor, rundown, cast-off of society who might
>potentially be a problem because her daughter is the seer or
>whatever. Fine. But why the fuck would you murder her, when
>murder is the one crime they look in the future for? Why not
>just dope her up, or lock her away, or give her some kind of
>fucked up brain surgery, or something like that? Why the fuck
>would you commit the ONE crime they're going to see? And if
>you're the most powerful man in the city who can pull mad
>strings in relation to all kinds of things, why the fuck would
>you commit the murder yourself? You can't get some degenerate
>druggy to do it for you? That's the only way you can think of
>doing it?
>So yeah, the beginning was all right, but as the mystery
>started unfolding I was just hating this movie. I am a little
>predisposed to shit on Spielberg movies, though -- I'll admit
>to that. I expect a lot more from my sci-fi than this,


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