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132153, RE: answers vol. 17
Posted by colonelk, Sun Dec-18-05 07:29 PM
>>-Why does the old lady have evil Little Shop of Horrors
>She's a geneticist, it's entertaining.

A matter of taste, I guess. But it sends the film straight to Hook-level fantasty land.

>>-How can Tom Cruise drive a car right out off the assembly
>>line and onto the freeway?
>I guess they don't build assembly lines on remote islands on
>which cars can't escape like they do now. And who cares? These
>cars apparently don't run on fossil feuls, how is it

It's implausible because there is no good reason for it to be possible. This is lazy writing defended by "it's the future, things are different."

>>-Why the hell does he need to cut his eyes out again?
>>Especially when he uses those very same eyes to open the
>>to his office.
>been answered and it's cool.

It still makes zero sense to me.

>Why not?

Because it is fucking annoying. Like Robin Williams in AI.