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Topic subjectOh yeah, it was over the top, but...
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132135, Oh yeah, it was over the top, but...
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sun Dec-18-05 07:02 PM

....contacts wouldn't work, nor would replacing the retina specifically, because it was tried once and the current alarms are sensitive to the presence of scar tissue on the retina. That is why an entire eye exchange was necessary.

As far as the cops being stupid, well, hindsight is 20/20. Sometimes common sense ain't so common - If you see a dude sprint off and run, it makes sense to assume that he'll try and run. In the heat of the moment, its hard to think of why he would come back right away.

In fact, they did figure out that he'd come back...so they weren't that stupid, they just figured out a bit too late. Dude was already in the room with the precog shorty.

>And the whole eye episode was pointless and annoying. The
>idea of retina scans in retail stores is cool. Just have a two
>minute scene of Cruise buying some special contacts from a
>(restrained) Skarsgaard and get on with the story.
>Instead we have Cruise chasing his eyeballs down some stairs.
>And, of course, I haven't even touched on the ending.


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