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Topic subjectSpot on analysis.
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132057, Spot on analysis.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sun Dec-18-05 05:03 PM

Yeah, I remember your username is inspired by 'Gattaca'

Very good points.

I compared the two movies because they both take place in the future, are both based around interesting philosophical concepts and both feature "inside job"/superior who dunnit murder mysteries.

I think you broke down the differences quite well.

And good luck in school(I remember that from another gattaca post)

>However, I've never really compared the two movies the way
>you have. They've always been independent of each other in my
>To me, Minority Report is a cool stylistic, futuristic,
>cop/crime, mystery who done it, with some very nice visuals
>and art design that raises questions about a flawed legal
>Gattaca is about human nature and the human spirit. It's about
>who we are, who we want to be, and how the world (or
>we live in can either facilitate, discourage, or prevent
>entirely our personal success. Vincent transcends his plight
>because regardless of
>the way the world sees him, he still believes in himself. But
>with Jerome, he has or rather had it all, but was lacking that
>spirit/desire which comes from somewhere on the inside and is
>imeasurable. All the crime stuff in Gattaca for me, is there
>to provide a framework and help bring out the human story.


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