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Topic subjectRE: There were stupid elements to it, but I'll help you out.
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132027, RE: There were stupid elements to it, but I'll help you out.
Posted by colonelk, Sun Dec-18-05 03:59 PM
>She's a famous geneticist, probably retired. She engineers
>really bugged out plants for kicks. The wild plants are just
>to show that she's a badass scientist.

They are silly. Spielberg spent all this time and money with engineers and designers to try and depict what the future would "really be like" (and in some cases, like the mall, did a convincing job), but then he includes stuff like these plants that would feel cartoonish even in an X-Men movie.

>>This is one of the worst films I've ever seen (with a very,
>>very good opening sequence).
>See....this is exactly how I felt before the second viewing,
>and your post is starting to make me think I'm being too nice,
>because there really was a lot of dumb shit in this movie.

Eh, it's not really the worst film I've ever seen. But the sense of betrayel is greater because I know Spielberg is capable of making a much better film out of this same scenario.