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Topic subjectRE: somebody explain this movie to me
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132025, RE: somebody explain this movie to me
Posted by colonelk, Sun Dec-18-05 03:50 PM
>This is an interesting question. Maybe that's how efficient we
>will become in the future.

Making cars easier to steal = efficiency? Face it, that was just the moronic climax to the worst action sequence in any of Spielberg's films. Colin Ferrel (sp?) pumping his fist in frustration as Cruise pops out from under the seat somehow and drives right out of the factory is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen.

>Because eye IDs are checked literally EVERYWHERE he can go. If
>he has those eyes, the cops will find him before he even gets
>a chance to sneak into the place.

If they check eye IDs EVERYWHERE, why the hell wouldn't they check eye IDs at his office?

>>-Why is everybody (old lady, Tim Blake Nelson, Skarsgaard,
>>etc.) mugging like it is an SNL sketch?
>This is what made it feel like a Stanley Kubrick film to
>me...the eccentric characters in scenes that are tangential to
>the plot.

The grotesque, exaggerated characters in, say, Clockwork have a purpose. They are how Alex sees adults of the world and help him (and the audience) justify his violence towards them. Tom Cruise does not see the world in such a way. Instead he just seems surrounded by ridiculous people.