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Topic subjectI love Gattaca and like Minority Report a lot.
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132007, I love Gattaca and like Minority Report a lot.
Posted by invalid7, Sun Dec-18-05 03:09 PM
However, I've never really compared the two movies the way you have. They've always been independent of each other in my mind.

To me, Minority Report is a cool stylistic, futuristic, cop/crime, mystery who done it, with some very nice visuals and art design that raises questions about a flawed legal system.

Gattaca is about human nature and the human spirit. It's about who we are, who we want to be, and how the world (or environment)
we live in can either facilitate, discourage, or prevent entirely our personal success. Vincent transcends his plight because regardless of
the way the world sees him, he still believes in himself. But with Jerome, he has or rather had it all, but was lacking that spirit/desire which comes from somewhere on the inside and is imeasurable. All the crime stuff in Gattaca for me, is there to provide a framework and help bring out the human story.