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Topic subjectThere were stupid elements to it, but I'll help you out.
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131991, There were stupid elements to it, but I'll help you out.
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sun Dec-18-05 02:18 PM

>-Why does the old lady have evil Little Shop of Horrors

She's a famous geneticist, probably retired. She engineers really bugged out plants for kicks. The wild plants are just to show that she's a badass scientist.

>-How can Tom Cruise drive a car right out off the assembly
>line and onto the freeway?


>-Why the hell does he need to cut his eyes out again?
>Especially when he uses those very same eyes to open the door
>to his office.

The society identifies individuals through the retinal pattern. By changing his eyes, he's able to go undetected. He does need his original eyes to access certain things at the dept of pre-crime.

>-Why is everybody (old lady, Tim Blake Nelson, Skarsgaard,
>etc.) mugging like it is an SNL sketch?

Yeah, that was stupid.

>This is one of the worst films I've ever seen (with a very,
>very good opening sequence).

See....this is exactly how I felt before the second viewing, and your post is starting to make me think I'm being too nice, because there really was a lot of dumb shit in this movie.