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131929, hmmm
Posted by ZioN, Sun Dec-18-05 10:26 AM
>Oh, and 'Minority Report' still ain't shit compared to 'I
>Robot', so fuck y'all. And please...I'm trying to hear you
>rationalze a statement like "Will Smith played Will Smith and
>not the character in I, Robot'" yet won't say the same thing
>about Tom Cruise in 'Minority Report'. 'Minority Report'
>protagonist was the same muffucka, exactly, that was in
>Mission:Impossible. Hell, same dude as Jerry Mcgwire for that
>matter. Like I said, that Will Smith criticism is just

so 'i. robot' is an A then?
my criticism of the movie really has nothing to do with will smith. i think visually its a movie of its time. as in, i don't think in the long run it will stand the test of time.
i loved the story and concept of the movie definitely. i don't however think it got even close to its potential as a final product.
and speaking of product, the amount of in your face 'lets just put this on screen for no reason' product placement really got too much after awhile.

>But let's stay on topic and shit. 'Minority Report' was on
>some decent shit, god.

ah huh. one of the few speilberg movies i have enjoyed from start to finish and also given two shits about what happened in the end.
n i don't care what anyone says. i enjoy the cruiser as an actor. i don't really understand the hate and where it started but i think consistently he does entertaining movies that i am more than happy to shell out some cash and go see.

minority report was damn good