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Topic subjectI take back what I said about 'Minority Report'
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131901, I take back what I said about 'Minority Report'
Posted by Orbit_Established, Sun Dec-18-05 04:20 AM
Just got through my second viewing.

Definately a B-/B film and not a C-/C film as I had it rated before.

See, I's an open minded original man, god.

I can change my views of shit. I said I'd give it another chance, and yeah, it proved to be a bit better than my first viewing. Me no close-mind-o.

Maybe it was just the "Cruise Factor" as Big Reg or someone said...his presence tends to remove a star from movies off top. No hating, but he's just that annoying.

It still wasn't great though. It had that "inside job" hook to it, but it wasn't as good as 'Gattaca' in that regard....'Gattaca' had a more interesting hook and re-visited the broader philosophical implications better....in Gattaca, the crime was more about the bigger issue of nature/nuture....in 'Minority Report' the cause/effect issue all led up to the crime....yeah...let me phrase that better:

In 'Gattaca', the murder mystery fed the greater philosophical point.

In 'Minority Report' the philosophical point fed the murder mystery.

I think the former is doper and more important because the murder mystery was mastered half a century ago and we don't need no mo cute murder mysteries. What we might need is a murder mystery that says something interesting about humanity and the world.

That is why 'Gattaca' is A/A+ and 'Minority Report' B-/B.

'Minority Report' still had one of the great beginnings I've ever seen....what a fabulous beginning. The action was well sequenced....was paced fairly well...good acting outside of Tom Cruise...pretty cool concept...a nice, cool, clean "whodunnit" movie.

Oh, and 'Minority Report' still ain't shit compared to 'I Robot', so fuck y'all. And please...I'm trying to hear you rationalze a statement like "Will Smith played Will Smith and not the character in I, Robot'" yet won't say the same thing about Tom Cruise in 'Minority Report'. 'Minority Report' protagonist was the same muffucka, exactly, that was in Mission:Impossible. Hell, same dude as Jerry Mcgwire for that matter. Like I said, that Will Smith criticism is just racism/haterism.

But let's stay on topic and shit. 'Minority Report' was on some decent shit, god.


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