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Topic subjecthaha -- don't tell her I told you...
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120614, haha -- don't tell her I told you...
Posted by celery77, Fri Nov-18-05 04:37 PM

And in case you couldn't guess, her name isn't really 'Cosette.' And I just rewatched the trailer and they cut out A LOT -- like there used to be some straight-up hardcore porn in that free trailer. And she's not a stupid girl. She was actually a pretty good student in the class.

When she went to go film it, she had to miss a few days of class, and she told the teacher, "I'm going to do some test-shooting for a reality TV series to see if they'll have me on or not. They're paying for my ticket and a room in Miami, so I figured, why not?"

Which really leads me to wonder if all they paid for was her ticket and the room in Miami and that's it. Again, though, I was too polite to ask.

Shit was weird as hell having a bang bus floozy in my class.