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Topic subjectRE: Life after The Real World
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119980, RE: Life after The Real World
Posted by unbeweavable, Thu Nov-17-05 06:20 PM
LOL.. look at the reply I got..

We are looking for 30 vgl guys to fuck our mystry MTV
WW pornstar. There will not be any fluffers on set so
you going to have to beable to stay hard for awhile
inbetween takes.

There is an open call tonight where we are
interviewing guys, you will need to be ready to strip
down for the producers, along with all others.
We have to see what your body is like, and what
Your working with.

Those who are selected will be asked to stay and will get a
second interview. Eveyone who is picked will find out
by Friday
have you done porn befor
and how big is yoru cock?