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114831, really?
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Thu Nov-03-05 04:19 PM

>The actually came up for an explanation of why there are in
>mid-west heroes in an issue of "Quasar" of all places. If I'm
>remebering this right, there were two cosmic entities living
>in Minnesota or something: one was responsible for creating
>all the superheroes and villains on Earth, and other that
>could erase them from existence. Since he lived in the
>midwest, the nullifier guy would wipe out the existence of any
>mid-west super-heroes and villains soon after they were
>created. I guess his power had distance-restrictions or
>something, since it didn't stretch to the costs. I always
>found that explanation kind of lame, but Marvel did write it
>in the early '90s, so there ya go.

not that i actually LIKE that explanation, but it's still interesting...

i'm particularly intrigued by the idea that all super powers in the universe come from some central source (kinda like what Bendis did in Powers)