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Topic subjectLOL I thought I was the only one
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114815, LOL I thought I was the only one
Posted by OldPro, Thu Nov-03-05 03:56 PM
"a) why when Mr. Hyde is on a rampage through New York, it's always Daredevil - not the FF or Spider-Man who emerges to fight him?

This used to bug me as a kid. I brought this up one time to some friends (we were 11 or 12) and they just looked at me like "WTF you talking about. Electro fights Spiderman because he's his enemy"

I used to be a big fan of Marvel because it was set in "the real world". But I've since changed this line of thinking afetr seeing a lot of the problems that come with it. Nothing wrong with using real cities but it needs to be in a sort of "what if" type world.