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Topic subjectRE: Marvel heads... school me on something right quick:
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114788, RE: Marvel heads... school me on something right quick:
Posted by Brother_Afron, Thu Nov-03-05 03:00 PM
>- simplified continuity: writers were prohibited from making
>explicit reference to any plot elements older than a year or
>two, and flashbacks as a storytelling element were banned

This was pretty widespread. I never liked the idea of shucking continuity like that. If referencing old stories was an issue with comic readers, then the Silver Age would have been the downfall of the industry.
The way I've always seen it, you can mention (off the top of my head) The Korvac Saga, but if the writer doesn't give you the necessary info needed for the reference, then that's bad continuity.

>- no crossovers: not only was the practice of crossing
>storylines across various titles eliminated, but each
>individual character existed in his own continuity that was
>unrelated to the continuity of other characters

This was a big thing for awhile. As mentioned above it was especially bad since damn near all Marvel characters lived in NY. You had Thor move Asgard directly above NYC, Magneto blowing up Manhattan something fierce, etc. All at the same time, but never getting mentioned anywhere else.