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Topic subjecti've noticed that DC has almost exclusively
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114758, i've noticed that DC has almost exclusively
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Thu Nov-03-05 01:46 PM
gone back to the imaginary cities thing, where in the late 80s and early 90s they had a lot of characters based in Seattle, Chicago, etc.

i dunno how i feel about that... i used to like the balance between cities like Keystone and Coast and then you had the Titans in New York and Wonder Woman in Boston. but there are way too many problems inherent in setting comic stories in "real" cities

what i always liked with DC, though, was the way they distributed their characters across the country. with Marvel characters being all based in New York, i used to wonder

a) why when Mr. Hyde is on a rampage through New York, it's always Daredevil - not the FF or Spider-Man who emerges to fight him?

b) after years of getting their asses handed to them by New York's superhero community, why didn't the villains wise up and try Philadelphia, Detroit, Texas, Los Angeles (well, there was the West Coast Avengers), Florida, etc.?