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114738, ahhh... thanks!
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Thu Nov-03-05 01:10 PM
>He felt it would scare off new readers and always made a
>point to insult any continuity-obsessed fans out there in

yeah, i know that Jemas was anti-continuity, and for a while there i almost agreed with him (as far as the whole "accessibility" issue was concerned, anyway)

>It seemed like they were trying to be more sophisticated and
>were almost ashamed of being a publisher of beat-em-up
>funnybooks. Anything they referenced was the "classic" stuff:
>Stan Lee Spidey, Miller Daredevil, etc. In some interviews,
>they would even talk about a more sophisticated "Marvel
>Knights reader." What the hell is a Marvel Knights reader?
>It's the same person reading all their other shit!


i never understood the big distinction between Marvel Knights and regular 616 stuff myself

>Maybe this was a reaction to how convoluted things were in the
>'90s. Reading one book and have it to be continued in another.
>They also wanted to keep things nice & clean for the trades in
>the bookstore market.

yep... i understand (and appreciate) that one. the whole thing about each character being in his own continuity is what fascinates me. the only Marvel comic i read during that era was Daredevil, and he had Luke Cage, Black Widow and even Spider-Man in there all the time

>This was basically a reaction to 9/11: the real heroes are the
>police & firemen who risk their lives. Which is a bullshit
>concept, because firemen don't have to worry about Batroc ze
>Leaper banging on thier doors.

ah-HAA!!! that explains it!

yeah, i know that Marvel took a lot of pride in their "proactive" response to 9/11 with that "Call of Duty" book and their whole thing of making 9/11 a major element of their universe. i appreciated the sentiment, but it never really worked for me, storywise.

like the first 9/11 special they did where all the characters in the Marvel Universe are helping out at Ground Zero and Dr. Doom is crying? it made no sense... why is Doom so touched by this particular tragedy when he himself has attempted to create MUCH worse devastation in the past?