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Topic subjectJemas hated continuity
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114727, Jemas hated continuity
Posted by KangolLove, Thu Nov-03-05 12:49 PM
He felt it would scare off new readers and always made a point to insult any continuity-obsessed fans out there in cyberspace.

>- simplified continuity: writers were prohibited from making
>explicit reference to any plot elements older than a year or
>two, and flashbacks as a storytelling element were banned

It seemed like they were trying to be more sophisticated and were almost ashamed of being a publisher of beat-em-up funnybooks. Anything they referenced was the "classic" stuff: Stan Lee Spidey, Miller Daredevil, etc. In some interviews, they would even talk about a more sophisticated "Marvel Knights reader." What the hell is a Marvel Knights reader? It's the same person reading all their other shit!

>- no crossovers: not only was the practice of crossing
>storylines across various titles eliminated, but each
>individual character existed in his own continuity that was
>unrelated to the continuity of other characters

Maybe this was a reaction to how convoluted things were in the '90s. Reading one book and have it to be continued in another. They also wanted to keep things nice & clean for the trades in the bookstore market.

>- no secret identities: i don’t know if this was actually an
>mass editorial directive, but wasn’t there a period when it
>seemed most characters were having their secret identities
>revealed? Daredevil, obviously, but also Captain America, the
>X-men, Iron Man and others, right?

This was basically a reaction to 9/11: the real heroes are the police & firemen who risk their lives. Which is a bullshit concept, because firemen don't have to worry about Batroc ze Leaper banging on thier doors.

>i’m particularly interested in the whole thing with each
>character being in their own continuity… was this something
>that just happened like “let’s chill out on the whole
>crossover thing” or was it explicitly stated like “Spider-Man
>is the ONLY superhero in **his** New York City, while the
>Fantastic Four are in **their** New York”? how did that start?
>and better yet, how did it end?

I don't think this was ever really an official concept, but more of something speculated by fans.