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Topic subjectPaak mentioned he had to tone down
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3042885, Paak mentioned he had to tone down
Posted by Numba_33, Wed May-24-23 09:12 AM
his normal cussing on a track he did with Smokey Robinson on Ventura, but point taken with the possible Bruno Mars influence. Since you referenced Silk Sonic, that brings up the question of when him and Knxwledge linked up to do the songs for this upcoming album; I wonder if it was pre or post Silk Sonic formation.

It would be funny if these first two tracks are deliberately softer in tone and the rest of the album contains the normal Paak cuss words.

Lastly, it would be cool if the residual fame Paak got from Silk Sonic led to NxWorries and in turn Knxwledge getting close to pop fame and dollars. I have to imagine Stones Throw and Peanut Butter Wolf wouldn't mind getting those type of dollars as well being an independent label.