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Topic subjectName that artist you never understood why they didn't blow up.
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3042788, Name that artist you never understood why they didn't blow up.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu May-11-23 08:45 AM
I am listening to this new IDK album and its really next level production and songwriting. If Kanye dropped this album in like 2010 it would be a highlight of his run. He's got tracks that would kill on the radio. But I am an IDK fan and didn't even know the album dropped.

The biggest thing I think which may be holding him back is he sounds, raps and jokes ALOT like Old Kanye. Which I guess is a pretty big problem.

Anyway, the fragmentation of music is a big explanation why a lot of acts don't blow anymore but back in the day I thought Teedra Moses was going to be huge. She had jams for day. Don't understand how she didn't end up larger (other than she wa a weee bit older than the average R&B singer at her height)

Who else you got?

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