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Topic subjectConway is rapping his ass off on his new album
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3042770, Conway is rapping his ass off on his new album
Posted by DJR, Tue May-09-23 07:05 PM
Haven’t seen much about it here, and have seen mixed reviews elsewhere. So maybe my expectations weren’t quite as high as normal, but I like this.

He’s switching up his flow some, rapping over some different beats.

Not as cohesive as a lot of Griselda albums, but the flip side is there’s also much more diversity in beats and flows.

There’s a couple songs I could do without, and maybe not an all time great Conway song here. But it’s a good album, and he’s rapping his ass off. Kinda reminds me of an early 00’s Rocafella album in some ways.
3042776, them griselda dudes don't miss. ever.
Posted by kinetic94761180, Wed May-10-23 07:33 AM
3042783, agreed
Posted by cheesecake, Wed May-10-23 07:52 PM
on all your points
3042784, RE: Conway is rapping his ass off on his new album
Posted by Original Juice, Wed May-10-23 09:27 PM

I feel the same way about this album. It doesn't have those dusty type beats, but it's still very soulful.. just in a different, more modern way. It's actually very emotional.
3042790, Great album...
Posted by The3rdOne, Thu May-11-23 11:05 AM
But what's good with Juicy J and his rhyming off beat ass? Sounds like they just grabbed a Juicy J acapella of a different bpm and just slapped it on the track.
3042793, Ha, good point. Super Bowl and Brick Fare do nothing for me
Posted by DJR, Thu May-11-23 11:36 AM
I like the rest of the songs, some more than others.
3042801, CONWAY THE MACHINE | FUNK FLEX | #Freestyle201
Posted by Oak27, Fri May-12-23 07:50 AM