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3042764, Snoh Aalegra
Posted by doitall76, Tue May-09-23 07:53 AM
I know that I am late to the party, but damn "Feels" is dope.


3042765, Got to the party later than you...LOL!
Posted by Marbles, Tue May-09-23 08:56 AM

I only got hip to her with "Temporary Highs..."

I've dipped into the past albums a bit but I need to really sit & let them digest. She's great though.
3042778, RE: Got to the party later than you...LOL!
Posted by fontgangsta, Wed May-10-23 07:49 AM
her 2019 record is unfuckwitable.

i actually think we're gonna look back on 2019 at the decade mark and be kinda wow'd by the quality that year. The restlessness of the culture produced a lot of dope shit before the terror and malaise of covid set in in 2020
3042767, Got 3 of her tracks on my 12/3/22 reply/chapter of my mp3 player chronicles
Posted by c71, Tue May-09-23 11:18 AM
3 is a pretty decent amount for 1 artist in my mp3 player
3042774, Love Snoh. Wild take below.
Posted by phemom, Wed May-10-23 07:14 AM
There isn't an R&B song in years as good as "I Want You Around"
3042777, not wild at all
Posted by fontgangsta, Wed May-10-23 07:46 AM
that whole album will make you stop what you're doing and call your boo'thang
so SO incredibly good
i was actually kinda disappointed by the follow-up (Violet Skies), but in fairness, U,TFA is maybe an impossible album for her to top. its THAT good.
3042782, That song is fire.
Posted by Brew, Wed May-10-23 09:15 AM
>There isn't an R&B song in years as good as "I Want You Around"
3042789, It's and underrated classic track, for sure.
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Thu May-11-23 08:56 AM
The lyrics, flow, everything about that song is everything.

"To Each His Reach"


Fuck aliens.
3042798, Not a wild take. That song is a classic.
Posted by Hitokiri, Thu May-11-23 03:42 PM
And I've known since the first time I heard it.
3042837, I listened to In Your Eyes and Violet Skies on a loop for 3 months
Posted by Teknontheou, Tue May-16-23 04:58 PM
3042814, They are fooling with Feels on vinyl...
Posted by QBoogie, Sun May-14-23 01:21 PM
It presently elludes me and I refuse to pay scalpers pricing.
3042832, Her Do 4 Luv cover is the bees knees.
Posted by Buddy_Gilapagos, Tue May-16-23 08:28 AM


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