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Topic subjectQ-Tip did “American Way” for Nas
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3042829, Q-Tip did “American Way” for Nas
Posted by DJR, Mon May-15-23 06:09 PM
>Uncle L is Eminem's goat tho, so maybe he won't go
>it would be interesting to hear Rozay and Saweetie over Q-Tip
>production, but obviously the Nas collab is the big draw
>Will this be the first time since One Love for Nas & Tip to
>get together on wax?

off the Street’s Disciple album.

That’s a good point that Eminem loves LL…but that worries me even more that he’ll try and do too much. If so, I hope his verse is the last one on the song, that way I can just skip to the next track once he starts up, lol.

Overall though, I’m very excited for this album. The tour too…hoping to see LL/Roots at Barclays in Brooklyn.