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Topic subjectThat Would Be Dope
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3042772, That Would Be Dope
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Tue May-09-23 10:25 PM
I've liked every solo Q-Tip album, that last ATCQ album grew on me but I didn't really see it as a Q-Tip produced album since it had other producers on it and guest musicians playing here & there (but so was Q-Tip's 2nd & 4th album) but it still could've used some input from Ali M. on it.

Anyway I can definitely see Q-Tip giving LL sort of a flashback era vibe but keeping it up-to-date at the same time, I would like to hear a track or two beforehand to see if it would be worthy to release an entire album though; it would be a shame for them to just release an entire album then find out it's not good but to still try to push it on to the people; but anything would be better than that last LL album "Authentic".