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Topic subjectLarry June/Alchemist - “The Great Escape” deserves its own thread
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3042695, Larry June/Alchemist - “The Great Escape” deserves its own thread
Posted by DJR, Fri Apr-28-23 06:22 PM
I’ve had a chance to sit with it for a month now, and I absolutely love this album.

I’d heard Larry June here and there - every now and then one of his songs would pop up on Spotify. But I wasn’t really up on him….and now I’m a big fan.

Vocally reminds me of Boldy a bit, vibe reminds me of Curren$y a bit…..but he’s rapping about 401Ks and doing burpees and consuming sea moss and shit. I absolutely love it!

And Alchemist’s beats on here fit him perfectly. Props to Alchemist - I listened to the album because he produced it, and now I’m a Larry June fan and will check for all his work.