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Topic subjectRE: Haha I think they've all toned it down in recent years.
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3042638, RE: Haha I think they've all toned it down in recent years.
Posted by obsidianchrysalis, Tue Apr-25-23 04:04 PM
>But sorry, Dre's beats were
>just fucking *better*, always.

Wholeheartedly agree.

I'm not a producer, so I can't really get into the beatmaker v producer argument as they can. Personally, all I care about is what comes through the speakers.

And while Daz or other Dre proteges may be more proficient at a drum machine or sampler or another instrument, none were as great behind a mixing board and as a leader of a session as Dre.

Some may prefer Daz's sound because it was more LA-centric. I can't argue with taste. But there's a reason why Dre's music has not only been so impactful but stood the test of time.

I think I would be irritated if the root of songs that Dre got credit for were mine. But those songs also wouldn't be as big or remarkable without Dre.

If the producers who worked with Dre had an ear as good as his, they would have equaled Dre's success elsewhere.